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Developer: HiHACKER

A star made by me, Social producing The worlds first digital entertainmentWe are looking for a producer for SMROOKIES ENTERTAINMENTINTERN PD → JUNIOR PD → SENIOR PD → MASTER PD
Selecting the best producer Select the most influential pink level producer who contributed the most in the development of Rookies!The name of the producer will be mentioned on the credits of the Rookie’s debut album and will have a chance to meet the rookie in person
[Essence]1. A chance for the people to produce with SM2. Exclusive Contents that has never can be seen anywhere else3. Interaction through continuous communication and feedback that gets applied4. Rewards that get better and better each time you level up to the top5. A social life Mobile Platform where you can be involved for 24 hours a day
[Function / PD Role]1. CASTING : Cast My Rookie
The first task of a producer! Become the chief producer and cast the most attractive Rookie out of the entry revealed You can take care of the Rookie you casted
2. TALKING : Establishing familiarity with the Rookie
Self-introduction Quiz made by the RookiesYou will receive rare contents as your familiarity level gets higher and when all 100 questions have been answerd, you will receive a badge with a photo of a Rookie attached.
3. TRAINING : Rookie’s daily life updated everyday
Schedules will be updated at 8:00 every morning!Please write down your signatures at 9:00PM every night when the training is finishedDaily selfies and pictures of the Rookies will be shown to the chief producer.
4. PRODUCING : The producers opinions reflected in reality
From small events to unit activities and actual debutParticipate in entertainment production in various ways, such as voting and proposing ideas that are needed to make decisions throughout the process
5. ARCHIVE : Exclusive contents you wont find anywhere else
Rookie’s Growth Report from trainee days to their debutCollect the Rookie’s Biography that showcases their training moments, as well as selfies!The limited edition number will be marked in the order of the rewarded contents provided to you.
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